Port-au-Prince Startup Week

August 13–18, 2018

About Startup Week

Port-au-Prince Startup Week is an exciting six-day immersive experience where groups of passionate and talented change makers dive into the startup world to learn about the different aspects of initiating, running and managing various ventures. It is a celebration and display of Port-au-Prince’s growing and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, with the goal of amplifying opportunities and igniting passion into tangible enterprises. Year by year, it proves to be a memorable and sought-after event for the Port-au-Prince community.

It’s free to attend


If you are a solopreneur, designer, coder, business owner, entrepreneur or interested in social change, Startup week is exactly the experience you need to reboot your entrepreneurial spirit and network with fellow changemakers and entrepreneurs.

For press and media enquiries: partnerships@kaytita.org

Events Schedule

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